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BSc. (Hons) Nutrition with Pyschology

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Everyone has a Size Fantastic!  What's Yours?

Size Fantastic Jeans

Everyone has a size or weight that feels just right for them... and being that weight or  size means something different to each one of you. If you struggle with your weight, you'll know exactly what I mean.  You will also know that it is not just  about a number on a scale.  It affects your whole life.

When I ask people what it would mean to them to be their "Size Fantastic" they usually say one or more of the following: 

If you've struggled with your weight, you may be struggling with other things too, like your relationship with food and your relationship with yourself.

Feeling stuck?

If you aren't currently the healthiest and happiest version of yourself, it can feel like you are carrying a huge burden around with you.  Your self esteem takes a hit and it's easy to feel hopeless and overwhelmed and like something has stolen the joy out of your life. Sadly, because most of us are familiar with the old energy balance equation "energy in = energy out" or have been told by more than one health authority to "eat less and move more" in simple terms; most people trying to lose weight turn to a "diet".  

It's no wonder that most people who have weight problems have been on at least one unhealthy fad diet and most likely have tried a few things that didn't work. Unfortunately research shows us that a history of dieting, deprivation or over-restriction will only make weight control matters worse and can actually lead to weight gain.  That's why finding something that works and lasts in more important than ever.

"I'd had enough. I never wanted to be on another yo-yo diet again.  After all the tools that Lisa has given me, both from a psychological perspective, and a nutritional perspective, I now feel empowered to make that my new future!"  Clare, Personal Trainer

Your Current Weight tells a story, it's part of your identity.  It says something about who you are, something about your past, something about your present, the environment you live in and whether it is toxic or nourishing, it gives clues about what's important to you and the hurts you are holding onto... now.  Your relationship with food gives hints about some of the coping mechanisms you have in place to soothe, protect, compensate for or distract yourself from pain, dissatisfaction, boredom or feeling unfulfilled, misunderstood or lonely. The best way to move forward with yourself is with curiosity, kindness and acceptance...


So that's why I'm wondering, when you imagine the FANTASTIC version of yourself, do you imagine:

  • freedom from emotional eating, loving nutritious food,
  • more confidence, being more comfortable in your skin, more adventures (feeling uncomfortable or insecure is no longer a reason to miss out), a sense of success and self assured-ness (I can do anything), popularity (being so comfortable in your own skin that you become your own leader and an inspiration to others),
  • more control (being able to say yes or no to yourself and others and make better decisions in line with your values),
  • more choices (you suddenly realise you have more options than you ever knew existed), better health (you have more energy, vitality and hope of longevity than ever), a new identity (that you love)?

What if you could change your patterns, what if you could stop your "dieting |relapse" cycle in its tracks by getting to the bottom of what is driving your behavior?  Imagine what it would be like to heal your relationship with food, eat to nourish, recover your self esteem, feel more powerful and in control of and love with yourself.

Watch this short video to see what some of our clients have to say about Size Fantastic:

What's Your Size Fantastic?

When people are shown the Size Fantastic way,  they experience a different version of themselves.  That starts them down a whole new journey.  It's powerful.  Being your Size Fantastic means more than a number on a scale.  It's about being your best "YOU".

"I gained so much through your program and see it as a long term solution for anyone to be “Your best you". I am feeling my best me in my health, weight, body and fitness than I have in a long time and the difference is this time it is long term and not some fad roller coaster event of I lost a lot and then put it on again."  Niki Pearce, Life Coach

The Size Fantastic Way:

Healthy weight loss solutions that you can trust and that work long term can be hard to find, especially because most don't address the hidden factors contributing to your situation, instead they are ruthlessly marketed to you hitting you where you are vulnerable and promise you the world.  And then, either they don't work, or you give up... and it reinforces a "failure, despair and hopelessness" pattern. LOW RES Lisa C_041-balloons-small    

Size Fantastic is the "Better Life" shot you can't buy in a pill... or some "quick weight loss" program...

It's a "lighter way of living".


If you're reading this page you have probably been on a diet before, you may even have a pretty good idea of what you "should be eating and doing" to lose weight.  But then why hasn't it worked? Size Fantastic asks some important questions.  What's going on for you in your life right now?  What's influencing you most: your job, your stress levels, your family, your friends?  What do you have access to: how much support do you have; what's your environment like: safe or toxic?  Do you know what makes you tick, and what the modern day triggers that affect you most are (is it juggling a career and kids, is it drive-throughs and convenience food, the lollie aisle, the smell of the coffee shop or bakery, TV ads)?  How happy and supported do you feel?  Do you have what you need to succeed?

Food, eating and weight control don't exist in a bubble. 
There are a lot of different influences and factors at play
must be identified if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

The Size Fantastic Way gets to the heart of the issue, and then we provide tools to move beyond the barriers, negative influences and triggers in a positive and healthy way that is designed to have lasting results.

Size Fantastic Approach

Traditional weight loss focuses primarily on energy in (eat less) and energy out (move more)... not so easy unless you know what is driving the behaviour in the first place... and that's our secret weapon!


It's a 6 - 12 month online program that combines video training, an accountability partner, workbooks and resources. Course content addresses “Twelve Lifestyle Secrets” to help you become and stay your Size Fantastic. Modules Covered Include:
  • 1. The Big Why: Finding your Reason Big Enough to Change 
  • 2. How to Raise self awareness without lowering self esteem 
  • 3. Nutrition: the knowledge and strategy you need to eat your way slim without doing damage or feeling deprived. 
  • 4. Practical Eating: skills and tactics to survive your modern environment 
  • 5. Reprogramming your mind: upgrading your thoughts and mental habits 
  • 6. Emotional Intelligence: a fresh approach to getting your needs met 
  • 7. Conscious Eating: breaking the emotional eating cycle 
  • 8. Building Muscle: and why moving your body creates two secret weapons to weight control 
  • 9. How to make those changes: breaking free of “can’t” and “don’t want to” 
  • 10. Identity: building and restoring strong self leadership capabilities mean you discover how to be more comfortable, powerful, self honouring and beautiful in your own skin in safe and fulfilling ways.  So that you can confidently handle attention, respect and love yourself and have a fresh light perspective around body image, and become a beacon and inspiration for others. 
  • 11. Personal Power: Boundaries, Assertiveness and Self care: a safety net and a powerful stable base for self esteem.  Discover how to say no or ask for what you want, (to and from yourself and others) in a way that is more likely to be heard and get your needs met. 
  • 12. Maintenance: Surviving the Plateau.  How to stay on track and not relapse back into old familiar habits.


How is this program different from other programs? The secret weapon of the program though is that unlike traditional approaches, it gets to the heart of the cause of the weight gain so that weight loss is more sustainable.  We help break out of old destructive patterns and create empowered habits and more control.  Imagine a life where you obsess less about food and have more freedom to eat, all the time enjoying more energy, more vitality and better control over your weight. Size Fantastic shows you another version of yourself.  It exposes you to a new way of living, that makes sense and feels possible and gives you a toolbox to create a new normal, regardless of your genetics and your past experience. We give you:
  • A process: we take you on a journey step by step, so that you are crystal clear about what you need, who you want to be, and how to get 
  • The tools: we give you tools you need like nutrition focused meal plans and recipes, movement goals and plans to suit any lifestyle, mindset strategies and tools so that you can manage yourself through triggers and self sabotage.
  • The courage: we create a safe place and an unshakable belief in yourself so that you have the courage and confidence to take the necessary steps and...
  • The support: without the accountability and encouragement you need, you won't get very far, that's why we create lots of support contact points which means you can go all the way to Size Fantastic.

Now that's exciting: "What are you like when you are at your best?"

When you're the best version of you: Everyone Wins!

Let's boost that self esteem, reclaim your self worth, nourish your body and shrink those fat cells... it's time to be your Size Fantastic!


Don't Delay another day!  You only make it harder for yourself.  Did you know that once you grow new fat cells you can shrink them by "emptying them" but you can't get rid of them and the more you have the more fat you store!

That's why the time to act for your health and sanity's sake is now...

Ignorance will not protect you: the truth, awareness, education, support and action are what will get you the results you are hungering for.  And that is what the Size Fantastic Program is all about: a fresh start! Click here to join our online program now

"This program is unlike anything I have seen or come across before."  Tim, Brisbane

"Life-changing."  Marlo, Brisbane


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Lesson 1:

Welcome & Course Orientation: IMPORTANT: Please Also Rea...

SECTION 2: Lisa's Story

Lesson 2:

Lisa's Story

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Lesson 3:

Lesson 1: Awareness

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